A Great Day Out With The Kids: Visit the Houston Children’s Museum!

Houston has plenty of things going for it when it comes to spending some quality time with your little ones. The Museum District, in particular, has a host of great places to visit for a solid day out.

If I could tell you one of my earliest memories as a local, it was definitely that of going to the Houston Children’s Museum. Why? The EEL. Back in the day, they had a selection of fish tanks to help children learn more about marine life. And in one of said tanks sat a big fat eel that gaped at the world with such slimy malice that it was impossible not to fall in love with it. The eel was only a small piece of the wondrous puzzle that was the Houston Children’s Museum. The place was a child’s wonderland with an assortment of great activities. I never wanted to leave.

While Mr. Eel is now long gone and the attraction has since been replaced, the Houston Children’s Museum is jam-packed with activities and exhibits that no kid could pass up. The Museum might be hosting Covid-friendly virtual events for now until it opens back up officially in June, but I can’t stress just how great it is to be there. From games, science lessons, outdoor activities, play areas, arts and crafts, and more, you could spend a whole day there with your family and never get bored. 

Families all across Houston continue to enjoy the great services of our Museum District every year. Even now during Covid, places like Capewood Apartments, Heritage, the Establishment, and Buena Vista can experience both affordable living and quick access to the best local hotspots in the area, including the Museum District. Just make sure to keep an eye on that Houston traffic!

For parents looking to engage their children with some quality opportunities to learn and have fun at the same time, I submit the Houston Children’s Museum with my utmost stamp of approval. There’s really an endless amount of things to see and do. I personally can’t wait until it opens back up again. If you’re curious about the Museum or if you’re looking to take part in virtual activities, please visit its main website HERE

I salute the eel of my memories for being the hook that drew me in as a child. Now, as an adult, I can promise you that the Houston Children’s Museum will help your little ones make memories of their very own.

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